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New Mayor of Kidderminster

The new major of Kidderminster is Sarah Rook, who automatically becomes our Chair for the next year


Ann Witts

 I thought it appropriate to write a few lines in memory of ANNE WITTS (nee BRIGHTON) whose sad and untimely death you mentioned in your recent Newsletter. Anne passed away unexpectedly at home on November 27th; thankfully she was with her son John & daughter Joanne at the time. 

Anne was a "Bennett Street Girl" (& proud of it), who passed to the High School in 1957. She was one of the very early Twinners to Husum, in 1962, the 2nd tranche. She held fond  memories of that trip to the end of her life, and felt great gratitude that she had been part of it. (She was, by the way, a devoted fan of Charles Talbot, one of the adults in charge of that party.)

In the last 12 or 15 years she was a constant participant in Association activities, and valued the friendships she formed: she visited Husum twice more, staying with & striking up a firm friendship with Karin & Hugo Meister; & hosted them twice in her own home on the their return visits. You could say she was a "born twinner", with an infinite capacity for warmth & friendship; she did not understand, or accept, notions of difference, finding the opposite ("getting on")  so much easier and more pleasant. She had an enchanting smile & manner, & lit up a room with her presence. She is sorely missed already. Thanks, Anne, for lighting up our lives. 

"It was a special friendship we shared, and we remember her positive engagement, her knowledge of human nature, and her openness ... " (Karin Meister)

Ken Ryder


Walkers’  first visit to Husum

Seven (?proud) walkers from Kidderminster’s Stride & Stroll group will be visiting Husum in May, the first return trip of this new link with Husum’s walking group. Three of their members  pioneered the initial visit to Kidderminster last April.  Hiking around our area highlighted the striking geographical contrasts between the twin towns and their surrounds. Our hills, woods full of bluebells, and the red soil were all a source of delight to our visitors – perhaps we take this beauty on our doorstep too much for granted! - but I’m sure that Husum town and it’s landscape will be equally appreciated by the Stride & Strollers. An excellent programme has been prepared for our group, six of whom have never been before: they are in for a treat!

 Hilary Boyle                

Forest Quilters and Storm Quilters Exhibition

Forest Quilters is twinned with Storm Quilters in Husum. Storm Quilters have invited us to participate in their Quilt exhibition in the Rathaus, the Town hall, in Husum in September 2019.

The exhibition opens on September 7th and members of Forest Quilters have been invited to attend. 8 members of Forest Quilters together with 1 husband will be making their way to Husum for this event. We will be staying with members of Storm Quilters & look forward to exploring Husum on foot. We are taking quilts that have been made by members of Forest Quilters & these will be hung in the Rathaus together with quilts made by members of Storm Quilters.

We are very excited at meeting with our friends in Husum again.

contact Pennie Baird-Parker


Kidderminster Churches visit Husum

A group made up from Kidderminsters Methodist Churches, Franche Community Church, Jubilee International Church and St Mary's will be visiting Husum from June 6th until June 11th. The 4 Lutheran Churches of Husum are coming together into a single parish and the visit will be part of the celebrations.

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