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The Kidderminster Husum

Twinning Association

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Visit the Husum Rathaus for a virtual tour of the Forest Quilters and Storm Quilters Exhibition

Kidderminster and Husum have been linked since 1955, and a formal Twinning Charter was signed between the two towns in 1976 and 1977.

Husum is in Schleswig-Holstein, the most northerly state in Germany and very close to the border with Denmark. It is the major town of North Friesland and is a very historic and distinctive place. It was originally inland but in a very low area, following a major storm, it became a sea port.(More about Husum and its history later)

The  North Friesian islands and the tidal flats around them are part of this very flat but beautiful land, some of it reclaimed from the sea, called the Wattenmeer. This is a National Park and Unesco World Heritage Site. Its wide open skies and wildlife make it a beautiful place to visit.

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