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A Twinning Story

Chris Dutton first met the Husumers in the early 80s. At the time the Husum visiters were organised by a very young Reiner Maas. He visited Husum aged 17 and at 61 is still in touch with friends he made then.

Chris returned to Husum this year and was able to meet up with Reiner again, together with his old friend from the time Hand Christian Ambs. Chris hopes that by sharing his story and images of his time with KHTA he can inspire the younger generation who are just starting out on their Twinning journey. Who knows if they will meet friends who will still be around in 40 years?

Hans Christian Abbs, aged 20 in 1984,  pictured with Chris Hutton and again Aged 50 

The Kidderminster Shuttle 22 July 1983
Chris Dutton, Reiner Maas and Hans Christian Ambs now

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